Swiss Club Board Meeting – 07Feb23


Claude Desmeules, president – absent

Therese Jochum, vice president – present

Yvonne Kreutz, treasurer – present

Heidi Zurcher-Neely, Secretary – present


Brian Witzig – present

Roger Suhr – present

Invited Guests:

Steve Yegerlehner – present

Liz Yegerlehner – present

Samuel Zimmerman – present

The first Board meeting of 2023 was held at Grindstone Charley’s, a very informal setting.  We started off the meeting by welcoming Sam Zimmerman, who just moved to Indianapolis in mid-January.  He works as a Project Manager, Strategy and M&A AMERICAS, for DormaKaba, a Swiss-German company.  He has already been working quite a bit in the US, but is now living here on a three year assignment.  He and Brian discovered they have a lot in common in the work they do.  He was referred to the club by Monica Inman, who heard him speaking on his cell at the Kris Kringel market, and asked if he was Swiss.  Sam was astonished to discover that there is a Swiss Club in the area and happy to be joining us.

The meeting was informally started, as the main agenda item was to look from now to December and determine what events the club would be hosting, and when those events would be.  Steve and Liz was asked to join us and give us some input, since they volunteer and work so hard at all of them.  Going in chronological order, here are the proposed events:

Raclette dinner – Mar 12 – St Thomas More Church

Stammtisch – Feb 16 – .Sun King Brewery, Carmel 
5:00 PM.
  (Brian plans to have this as a monthly event.)

Wine-tasting – Apr 16 – this is actually a “code name” for our business meeting.  The club has not had his
meeting since the start of COVID.  It will most likely be at St. Thomas More Church, Mooresville, unless other options open up.

Picnic get-together – Jun 11 – location confirmed at New Hope Church, Greenwood. 
Bratwurst to be provided, members pitch-in sides.

August 1st celebration – we (Brian) are
investigating a possible road trip to Chicago, to celebrate with the Swiss Club there.  If it works out, it would be the weekend of Jul 29.  If not, we will have something locally the same weekend.  

Ethnic festivals – Plainfield – Oct 7 and
Columbus – Oct 13-14.  Yvonne and Therese are going to ask for the same locations as the 2022 festivals, as they were in areas with a lot of foot traffic.  More to follow this summer.  Add to your calendar now!

Fondue dinner – Nov 5 placeholder

Christmas dinner – Dec 3 placeholder

The next item was a request from Roger for us and our members to get into the Swiss Club website and start exploring.  He needs lots of “hits” to test the different functionalities he’s built into the system.  This request was
added to the newsletter.

I don’t recall a discussion of our finances, other than Therese confirmed that the club was bequeathed $10,000 from the estate of Rosemarie Kalker, a long time Swiss Club member, who drove all the way down from Muncie, many, many, many times. 

Yvonne also stated that the ability to charge the cost of your meal and/or chocolate and cheese purchases was very well received by club members. 
There is a monthly charge for this ($30), but we agreed that it was worth having.  

At the close of the meeting, we discussed holding future Board meetings via Zoom.  I believe we were in 100% consensus that we should definitely look into this.  I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that Roger and Brian will look into this for future meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi ZN



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