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    Hello Swiss Club members!

    Can you believe we are already into February 2023?  My how the time passes so quickly – but I guess that’s okay because January is never any fun.  Brrr!  Now onto the important things!

    RACLETTE DINNER – March 12, Sunday, 2:30 PM – St Thomas More Church, Mooresville

    I’m just saying, I love raclette – probably not the best relationship, but it is what it is.  Right?!  And I think there are a lot of others just like me, so be sure to put this info on your calendar.  You won’t want to miss it!  Please bring either an hors d’oeuvre, a salad, or a dessert to share.  The cost for members is $20, for guests and non-members the cost is $25.  Please send your check to Therese Jochum by February 17 (7725 Maxwellton St, Mooresville, IN  46158).    

    UPCOMING EVENTS – please add these to your calendar too! (See also our event calendar where you can register and/or RSVP for these events.)

    • Stammtisch – Feb 16 – Sun King Brewery, Carmel.  5:00 PM.  Look for a table with a small Swiss flag on it and Brian Witzig with his Swiss team shirt.  There is also a group who is wondering if there are others like them who would like to play “JASS”.  This is a trick-taking card game popular in Switzerland and the neighboring areas of Germany and Austria.  I’ve been told it’s similar to Euchre.
    • Wine tasting – Apr 15 – St. Thomas More Church, Mooresville, 2:00 PM.  Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?  More details to follow.
    • Picnic get-together – Jun 11 – New Hope Church, Greenwood, 2:00 PM.  Bratwurst to be provided, and members pitch-in sides.
    • August 1st celebration – we are investigating a possible road trip to Chicago, to celebrate with the Swiss Club there.  If it works out, it would be the weekend of Jul 29.  If not, we will have something locally the same weekend.  
    • Ethnic festivals – Plainfield – Oct 7 and Columbus – Oct 13-14.  More to follow this summer.  But add to your calendar now! We will need lots of volunteers to help sell chocolate!  Come join the fun!
    • Fondue dinner – Nov 5 –  St. Thomas More Church, Mooresville, 2:00 PM. 
    • Christmas dinner – Dec 3 – St. Thomas More Church, Mooresville, 2:00 PM

    CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE!!! We are hoping to be able to order the following cheeses directly from Switzerland.  What could be better?!  There is a very nice variety here, but availability does fluctuate, as well as price. (per Lbs)

    ·  Emmental         $12.40
    ·  Gruyere           $14.40
    ·  Kahlbach         $15.00
    ·  Raclette          $11.20
    ·  Tete de Moine    $18.10
    ·  Vacherin         $16.70
    ·  Alphorn         $13.30
    ·  Blumenkase     $14.65
    ·  Appenzell         $16.25

    Please note, the price may change, due to price fluctuation and shipping costs.  Please call Therese Jochum at 317-831-3566, with your order, no later than Feb 17!!!  

    Swiss Club website:   https://swissclubindy.org/ – Roger Suhr, webmaster, requests members to check out our website.  He needs lots of hits on it to see what is working and what needs to be improved.  See how you like it, play around with the links, and look to see how you could win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  (Just kidding…)

    That’s it until next time!


    Heidi Zurcher-Neely

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